Process Optimisation and Coaching

A structured and efficient development of products requires good working processes to coordinate the various activities. In our experience, there is often the potential to optimize these processes and at the same time train and coach the employees.

We support and advise in defining and improving your development processes.

The spectrum ranges from the analysis of individual steps in the existing work process – for example, the concept analysis and evaluation of new technologies in pre-development – to the joint development of an innovation management framework from idea management to value proposition definition, pre-development & product development, and finally to life cycle management.

Especially when developing and launching medical devices, it is crucial to adhere to the appropriate regulations and at the same time having a pragmatic approach – from an entrepreneurial point of view.

A good process works best if it can be easily understood and put into practice by all parties involved. That is why we are convinced that training and coaching are essential in process optimization.

Key points in process optimization

Individual processes and the entire innovation framework
Idea management
Value Proposition Definition
Product development
Life Cycle Management
Compliant and pragmatic (especially in medical technology)
Co-Creation of the processes
Training and coaching

Project Management

Business-Case Planning

Networking & Communication


International Cooperation



Process Optimization / LEAN

Product Development